Cheer Up! Radical Cheerleading

Jen Nedbalsky and Mary Christmas

2004, 13 min

This film documents the vibrant movement of radical cheerleading at one of its most exciting moments during the radical pro-choice cheerbloc contingent to the April 25, 2004 March for Women’s Lives in Washington D.C. Part DIY dance video and part herstory.   Cheer Up! documents a historic moment for the radical cheerleading movement at the largest march in US history. This remarkable radical cheerleading convergence assembled more than 300 Radical Cheerleaders from around the country and from Canada. The video looks at the growing movement of Radical Cheerleading, its roots and its future and the means by which it organizes. The video is a landmark for the Radical Cheerleading movement which up until now has been poorly documented from within the movement itself – and mostly covered by corporate and male-dominated media groups.